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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Why Knot?

Indeed, why not?
With Valentine's Day rolling around again, some couples (or singles!) will ask that question.
Woman in a relationship: "Should we get married?"
Single woman: "When will I get married?"
Not that we need the craze of an ubercommercalized Day of Love, at some stage in our lives we are bound to be thinking about love and where it leads us...or doesn't.

We all love to love. And when we finally have tracked down our soulmate, somebody eventually pops the question. What follows is a nuptial superfest with all the trimmings, foreshadowing the romantic picture of everlasting married bliss, with a couple of delightful children frolicking on a green lawn behind a picket fence....and a dog or two.

But is it really worth it to tie the knot? A wedding bonanza easily sets you back by $30,000 - 50,000, although creative DIY- aficionados/as can ease the pain considerably.
The latest statistics claim that marriage survival rates have risen to a whopping 60%. When I was a matchmaker, your chance was barely 50% - enough to make a whole generation of divorce-struck off-spring remain single. Plus married people tend to live longer.

Getting married - or at least cohabitating - makes people financially more secure than their single living counterparts. According to Pew Research same-sex college-educated couples have the highest median adjusted household income. (The study was done before same-sex marriage was legalized).
Still, for most couples, getting married is the endgame.
Let's not think of the bank-breaking costs of a nasty divorce yet.

This article was inspired and photo taken from my local magazine called VOID Feb2016. Yes, funny name that...

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