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Why is it so difficult to meet somebody today?

In spite of all the networking possibilities and social media?

If you are Single, Divorced or Widowed and want to get back into the Dating game, if you're looking for that elusive partner, you will be interested to hear how a pro went about it. I was a matchmaker in Ireland and had my own dating agency. I'm sharing my experience and insider views with my readers. For more info see my book's website:!

I had the honor of being asked to come on the local NBC show First Coast Living twice in the last week to give dating advice. If you missed it, you can read all that stuff in my book.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Groundhog Day

Does going on yet another date trigger off anxiety and doubts, a feeling of Déjà vu?
Have you tried Tinder and several other online chat rooms or dating sites which never bring the desired results? Does the memory of Groundhog Day come to mind with each passing year that you're still looking for Prince Charming, your soulmate or at least Mr. Right Now?

Why are there now over 800 apps available to facilitate meeting that special someone besides the "traditional" dating sites and yet it doesn't become easier? In my view they only make people more non-committal. Because there is always another person waiting to be checked it who may be even better suited or just better looking.

Why do we never meet the right people?

                                                      Chat rooms are like candy stores
                                                                    (click link to play)

If all of that sounds familiar, it's time to try something new. Something proven to work:
Stop Searching - Start Finding: Go to a reputable matchmaker.

I consider myself an online dating pioneer. It was a novelty when I cruised dating sites after a heart-wrenching break-up in 2001 although I was a matchmaker myself in Ireland. I couldn't date my own clients. I was well-known in Ireland thanks to my successful marriage bureau and extensive media coverage. I wanted to look further afield too. Hence the international online dating spree.

My story is captured in my memoir Next Time Lucky:Memoirs of  a Matchmaker.
And in its second edition which also contains chapters with invaluable dating advice Next Time Lucky: How to Find Your Mr. Right.

The main thing is to have fun while on the look-out!
And remember: As long as you breathe you can start over again, reinvent yourself and change your attitude to the mate selection process.

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