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Saturday, January 25, 2014


Commitment is an anchor that holds two ends together whereby both parties agree not to stress the string attaching them.

When you are committed to someone you don't do things that would loosen the tie that pairs you both.

There are strong laws of commitment that can help you to thrive a better relationship.

THE LAW OF BECOMING ONE. When you are committed to someone you should see yourself as an equal to your partner, never deprive your partner the chance to show you how valuable you are to them. Also,give love and value to that person the way you value yourself.

Most people believe that once they are married to a woman the woman typically becomes a slave to them, show your partner respect

THE LAW OF FIDELITY. To be committed to someone you need to understand that human beings basically hate sharing precious things, A man won't give his customized luxury car to his friend for 3 days to test drive, so nobody wants to see their valued partner engage in infidelity.

THE LAW OF SUPPORT. People can be insensitive to other peoples feelings, but supporting your partner is the ultimate. Men are not as open and sharing as women, so it is important that when your man confides in you, he needs you to show some support and share your opinion as well. As the saying goes " two heads are better than one", so support your partner weather male or female.

THE LAW OF ACHIEVING. Most people take their relationship to be a roller coaster, meaning they will just wait and see what the relationship brings, before you commit yourself in a relationship you should have plans of successful ending with that person. Don't let the relationship control you and your partner, know what you want and become someone who wants to achieve the best in that relationship. Give your very best, sacrifices, power, support and focus.

THE LAW OF UNDERSTANDING AND AGREEMENT. Its difficult for most couples to always agree due to the fact that most people prefer for someone to take their opinion rather than listening to advice and also because both parties come from different backgrounds. To welcome success in your relationship both party must build a high level of understanding and agreement. The thing that kills relationship the most is when a lady wants to be right always and while the man wants to be heard. It is therefore important to create a good understanding and communication in other to come to an agreement in your relationship .
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