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Why is it so difficult to meet somebody today?

In spite of all the networking possibilities and social media?

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Why is it so hard to meet somebody these days?

Too many single people today are faced with excessive work pressure and long commute, leaving them too fatigued to meet the demands of socializing.
There are single people seeking relationships who aren't receptive to compliments or small talk from an interested person. A woman sits at a friend's barbecue party, a guy walks up to her and asks how she's doing and requests to sit down. Instead of giving him a smile, she stares back, her face showing no emotion. He may scoot off!
Online Dating
Many people, young and old, divorced, separated and widowed explore internet dating more and more these days. In many instances, people shy away from making face to face contact due to a bundle of personal insecurities and the internet provides privacy and hopefully control in making an 'informed' choice.
Psychological Reasons
Scars from previous relationships such as heartbreak due to infidelity can be a big stumbling block.
Grief from losing a loved one is another huge difficulty to overcome.
Fear of failing in a new relationship is a vital factor.
Pressure to give in to sex from the onset can be a real turn off for many who want to meet serious minded people.
Stress in general including financial and health related problems can hinder people from being ready to meet others.
Many others are overwhelmed by the fear of meeting the wrong person, making it harder for them to meet someone.
Social Interaction
Single parents also struggle to get free time to date because of the demands of caring for their children and trying to put their lives in order.
People who make out time to attend festivals, parties, pubs, church activities and other social gatherings are more likely to meet someone in comparison to another person who opts to spend time alone in front of the TV eating popcorn and ice cream.
Finally, once people are aware of the many challenges they face in meeting people, they can choose to adopt the right attitude, socialize more, set aside their fears and be more open and receptive.
Flirty & Feisty Romance wishes singles a fruitful journey as they search for their life partners.
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