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Why is it so difficult to meet somebody today?

In spite of all the networking possibilities and social media?

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Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year -- New Possibilities and New Encounters

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Happy New Year to all my readers, single, divorced or dating again or not!

At this time of year, most of us make resolutions for what they want to achieve. Without having statistical evidence to prove it, I dare say more of them will be broken than actually accomplished. But we keep trying-- that's human nature and that is a good thing.

In the run-up to Valentine's Day, you will find contributions by different writers that deal with love (lost & found), relationships and dating. I invited a number of authors and bloggers who write about this topic; some are new to this subject --at least in writing as we all have had experience with it in our lives.

I'm inviting you to check in here to for entertainment. Maybe you want to compare notes if you're in the dating trenches as well or perhaps even find some useful tips. I'm particularly looking forward to articles from male writers. Love  and romance is widely considered to be a female domain.

My Facebook site Singles & Dating Advice has offered many a good reference to dating related sites and given useful information.; some humorous advice too. You will make me very happy if you Like  that page or my other  one Next Time Lucky on FB.
Although I don't work as a matchmaker anymore, this subject seems to follow me around, but I want to get some  others involved and share their perspectives with you.

Let's make 2014 a good year--whether you find your soulmate or not.

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