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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Match making for the select few vs online dating

At a time when everybody is dating online, really special people still turn to a matchmaker when looking for a soul-mate, somebody up their league. Of course they perform a “selective search” and are “personal matchmakers”. That is familiar lingo. I ran a similar outfit in Ireland. Needless to say they have to be 100% confidential. Yep. Interestingly enough, they are 100% offline. Yep, we were too.
While our name “Elite” already raised eyebrows on the “ould sod”, this one is inconspicuous enough: “Selective Search” .Its origin and home will only throw off those who don’t belong to the same caste: Ivy League Bachelors. I came across similar outfits before in airline in-flight magazine where select customers must be loitering, too.
Why would Ivy League bachelors need personal matchmakers? For the same reason people chose my matchmaking agency. They were busy professionals who didn’t hang out in bars, go to night clubs, or answer “Lonely Hearts” ads. And more importantly, that special person they wanted to meet shouldn’t either. Like in their professional lives, they employed headhunters to do the research for them and find a good match. Of course, they were willing to pay a certain undisclosed amount of money for this service which in itself guaranteed the quality of people they met. If you ask for the price, you probably can’t afford it and don’t belong there.
The only aspect that startles me is that with this selective search women join free. It totally differs from my own match making experience. No fee charged means that women are a rare commodity. Like women get free entry to a club before 10 p.m often plus a free drink. In my matchmaking world, reality was quite the opposite. We had more female applicants than men. I often wondered why more women were willing to go down this road than men. I not only presume but know for a fact that eligible bachelors (recycled or not), are snatched up fast; sometimes even before they know that they are single again.
Clients are carefully vetted. This means a big plus when it comes to security (for the ladies) and an assurance for the men that gold diggers are spotted and not invited.
So there are many benefits for this exclusive, personalized service over online dating on the cheap for the masses.

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