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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Going Astray

Looking for a new partner but still married? No prob, there's an app for that. At least an online dating site that wants to fulfill your needs and doesn't ask too many questions. Maybe you intend to stay in that marriage and just stray a little? Yes, that's what this site is intended for. An undercover reporter claims she met married men whose messages took on an explicit nature immediately, making it quite clear what they were after. The nature of the beast implies that women must be also present and on the lookout on that site 'cause it takes two to tango. (Allegedly a third of them).
What do America's cheaters want besides the obvious? The excitement of forbidden fruit, variety, the fear of missing out, new pleasures from time to time to liven up marital sex, an available sex partner who doesn't want commitment who doesn't harbor expectations like unmarried candidates do. Reasons and excuses are as long as the list of candidates, I guess. Some claimed there were happy and fulfilled, yet...I doubt that part.
According to that reporter's findings, the typical cheater -let's name it for what it is- has a good educational background and job, is a few years into his marriage, (although she also met newlyweds, allegedly), is bored, drinks scotch and plays golf. There you go. After all, it's human least of men, or so I thought until now.
In case you're worried now about the faithfulness of your spouse what should you watch out for? You wouldn't even read my articles, I presume....
I'm not naming that site on purpose because I don't agree with its premise. In my agency, we only dealt with customers who were truly separately and legit. If that makes me an old fogy-- so be it!

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