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Why is it so difficult to meet somebody today?

In spite of all the networking possibilities and social media?

If you are Single, Divorced or Widowed and want to get back into the Dating game, if you're looking for that elusive partner, you will be interested to hear how a pro went about it. I was a matchmaker in Ireland and had my own dating agency. I'm sharing my experience and insider views with my readers. For more info see my book's website:!

I had the honor of being asked to come on the local NBC show First Coast Living twice in the last week to give dating advice. If you missed it, you can read all that stuff in my book.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Aliens Date Earthlings after Reading Book – Others Consider Hooking up

Jacksonville, Florida, 26 May, 2011− Former matchmaker from Dublin, Ireland, Siggy Buckley releases her novel on cyberdating called Next Time Lucky: Confessions of a Dating Guru.
Today, when almost half of all marriages fail, many divorced people playing the dating game turn to the Internet in their search for love. Next Time Lucky chronicles the online adventures and live encounters of a dating pro, Cherie, when surfing the net to find her soul mate after a recent break-up. She feels like dating aliens until she meets the love of her life in the USA.
Cherie’s story reveals a glimpse into the world of cyber romance for those toying with the idea or who want to compare notes. It also discloses practical advice for modern mate selection through the eyes of a dating expert.
Born in Germany and originally a college teacher, Siggy Buckley became a matchmaker in Ireland after involuntary married life on an Irish organic farm produced a crop of misgivings and led to her divorce. Her experience with the dating scene planted the seed for this novel.
The novel is available as a paperback at Createspace at $12.80 and also as an eBook at $8.99 on Amazon.

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