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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Women are Like Wine...

I had to confide those to someone and that was Sally.  Sally would understand.  I called her.  “I miss the sex.  I never realized until now that I developed a taste for it − mediocre as it may have been for most of my life.  I seem to have withdrawal symptoms now.”
“My, oh my, didn’t you know that your libido and pleasure in sex is inversely proportional to age and attractiveness?”
“Explain that to me in plain English, please.”
“The older a woman gets the more interested and ready for action she gets.  Alas, she is also rapidly losing her attraction in the eyes of the opposite sex.”
I nodded.  “That’s obvious.  Men needn’t worry about aging or dying their hair.  Their gray hair is attractive.  A man never has too many wrinkles in his face.  It just doesn’t work the other way round though.”
Sally had a brain wave.  “A young lover and an experienced woman would make a perfect couple, in the sense of coupling that is,” she giggled.  “Just giving and taking pleasure, no hidden agendas, no complications.”
“Being in the wine business now, it strikes me as an interesting analogy: Women are like wine allegedly.  The older they get the better, the more mature.  But how many wine lovers are there to go round? How many have taken a wine appreciation course?”
Sally sighed.  “You know what the other downside is? Maintenance and up-keep get harder as well.” Now I sighed.  “Well, my dear, let’s keep up the good work and remind each other to not let oneself go.”
“You got a deal, girl.”

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