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Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy birthday, Alec! (25 July)

In another phone call before we even had met, “Let’s say we hit it off.  We can sustain a relationship over that distance for a few months.  How flexible are you then?”
“Well, after that if….  I’ll be free to move next year.”
“So you would consider moving to England? I could also live and work in Dublin.”
“We seem to have a lot of choices then, if….”  If this works out, if we stay together!
Our first meeting and weekend together was intense.  He cooked for me, read my thoughts and needs and enveloped me in a warm blanket of caring attention.  My neck had been at me from all the pressure and Alec sensed that I felt overwrought.  He sat in an armchair and gesticulated for me to sit down at his feet so that he could give me a good neck rub.
“I don’t know.  This only works when I take my jumper off, but…” He got up without saying a word and brought a big, fluffy towel, offering it to me.
“I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.  I want to make you feel at ease, darling.” With that I took off my shirt and wrapped up in the towel, sliding down the straps of my bra.  He rubbed massage oil smelling of Ylang-Ylang on to my skin.  I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation.  After a few minutes, I leaned back into him, letting go of my worries.  It felt so good! I turned my head to him and our mouths met.
After that, chemistry did the reacting; we didn’t leave the bed till after dark. 

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