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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another salacious encounter (Excerpt)

Alec – A Man with Cold Feet
At the end of September, a new chapter in my life began.  My last meeting with Guy left me stinging and moping with chagrin.  I took my aching heart back home to Ireland and went back to trawling the Internet.  Another alluring chapter was about to unfold.
Alec was 48 years old, a business consultant from Windsor, tall, dark and handsome, as far as I could tell from his photo.  We had first made contact back in April when he wanted to pay me a visit in Dublin and then chickened out three days before the appointed weekend.  He got cold feet, as he called it, but at least he had had the good manners to explain that to me at the time.  Back on the prowl in September, I spotted him again under my “matches” – what YOUDATE euphorically calls the heartbeat of this site, meaning he met my criteria.  And he was online! I was flirting with three other more or less salient prospects that night when I plucked up some courage and approached him by teasing, “How are those cold feet?”
Alec copped on at once, remembered me and apologized for letting me down earlier on.  What he had perceived was this beautiful lady who appeared so together and forthright, that it had intimidated him.
Whatever had happened to him in the meantime made him want to meet up now.  We got together five days later in his lair.  Alec picked me up at Heathrow Airport, only twenty minutes from where he lived in a neat little townhouse.  Our first sighting of each other is still fresh in my memory: Alec, dark brown hair with silvery strands on the sides and even darker eyes like a strong coffee mélange before the cream penetrates fully, is standing at the gate wearing well fitting gray slacks and a black polo-neck.  He recognizes me, watches me walk up to him and I think, not bad and smile.  Next thing he embraces me, holds me in his arm and says, “So good to see you.” Then he grabs my hand, takes my bag and off we go to his car, never letting go of me.
From the beginning he made it clear how he felt about me.  I wasn’t too sure about him yet.  In the car, I was a little dizzy from the smell of the air freshener dangling from the mirror.  That has to go, I thought.
“Would it be alright to give you a kiss?” I wasn’t certain about that either just as yet, but offered my cheek.  He looked me in the eye, brushed over my hair and said, “Welcome to my life!”
What a romantic! Before I went over, I had sent him a close-up of my face by email with the caption Look me in the eye.  This had prompted a phone call.
“I need you here right now.” He had said.   
(to be continued)

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