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Why is it so difficult to meet somebody today?

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptionally entertaining, October 15, 2013

This review is from: NEXT TIME LUCKY: Lessons of a Matchmaker (Kindle Edition)
If you can picture the best of Sophie Kinsella writing as a matchmaker in Dublin--and picture the hilarity that ensues--then you've got Siggy Buckley's `Next Time Lucky' spot on. The book is a cleverly written romantic comedy that can be endearingly funny at times, and poignant in others. And it is perhaps the best contemporary women's fiction I have read recently.

At the heart of `Next Time Lucky' is Cherie--a professional matchmaker in her forties who, irony of ironies, seems unable to find the right man for herself. And like many modern "singletons", she resorts to the most common and pervasive available to those looking for love: the Internet. But as it turns out, like most information you get from a search engine, most candidates turn out to be "garbage", and Cherie has to sift through numbers of them until she finds the right one. What ensues is one of the most endearing tales of romantic adventure you've ever encountered.

Buckley's book is very interesting because, as the author says in her disclosure, she actually is a professional matchmaker, and her years of wisdom find expression in the priceless relationship adice that sporadically appears in little scenes in this semi-fictional book--in essence, you get a novel AND a dating guide in one.

But most importantly, `Next Time Lucky' has heart--and lots of it. Buckley writes with that rare emotional gravitas that can fully reel you in and feel the main character's personal dilemma. This is most evident even in the first few pages, when Cherie--only wanting what any other woman wants--is instead served with a sudden rejection, dumped by his boyfriend of three years for the shallowest of reasons. If you're not moved by Cherie's internal monologue, her cascade of regret and self-blame in her mind, than I don't know what would.

I love `Next Time Lucky' to shreds--it has all the qualities of a memorable literary bestseller, and one that may very well be optioned for the movies. Fans of the genre will deeply delight in Cherie's misadventures, and will be enlightened with the author's expert advice on dating--truly, this is both an entertaining and instructive read that is worth much more than its price tag. Order a copy of this today, or send this to a gift to a friend--either way, you'll have a blast. Highly recommended!