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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not for Old Fogies like Me

In the run up to V-Day (and not everybody likes that day because they don't qualify for special treatments) some hotel in Monterrey, CA outdid itself with luxurious pampering for those who are romantically lucky and have a person to partake in some extraordinary (wo)manhandling: Romance with your Valentine...Relax n Romance Massage 140 min $420: Enjoy a romantic spa day (Ho is that all day? BTW, I once spent one romantic hour in a sauna- opposite of relaxing!) with a private Couples Marine Bath followed by a relaxing 90 min Couples Signature Aromatherapy Massage--a threesome?
Chocolate Romance Massage 50 min $170:Relax together during a couples massage with pure cocoa and shea butter to romance the senses.
Treat your Valentine's...or cheat and treat yourself if on your own: Chocolate Temptation 80 min $130: A decadent full body scrub with the finest cocoa followed by a luxurious massage which will leave your body relaxed and the skin re-nourished. Sounds like a case of lollapallooza if you ask me....Imagine how much chocolate you can eat for that kind of buckaroos. Cleopatra and Aphrodite Spa Rituals(?) are pretty self-explanatory at this stage....But what on earth is a prenatal massage?Well, obviously that lady must have had a romantic encounter at some stage if not for Valentine's.

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