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Why is it so difficult to meet somebody today?

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If you are Single, Divorced or Widowed and want to get back into the Dating game, if you're looking for that elusive partner, you will be interested to hear how a pro went about it. I was a matchmaker in Ireland and had my own dating agency. I'm sharing my experience and insider views with my readers. For more info see my book's website:!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Dating Tips for the over 40s

If you're over forty and want to get back into the dating game, read on please. If you're just out of a long relationship or haven't dated in a while, you probably even dread the fact to put yourself out there again. After all, you once knew how to do it, having been there before, but your skills are a bit rusty.
This happens to most people who find themselves single again unexpectedly or against their own volition. Are your friends telling you it's time to get over him and date again? the pressure is on. You hate to be single again, hate lonely evenings in front of the TV, and most of your friends are not available to go out. The thought of being alone for Thanksgiving and the holidays makes you want to reach for another glass of red and drown your sorrows again.
No man in the gym who seems to be single? You don't have a dog to chat up other dog owners with in the park, and the clientele in your local Starbucks doesn't look promising? How many new hobbies can you take up in order to get into the right mix where singles go? If you are lucky, your town has club for over THIRTIES where you don't feel like a fish out of water. And a friend or two to go with you.
So if you're sure you're ready for this and want to date instead of wait any longer, there is the option of getting on the Internet and the Cyber Highway to Love.
I was there. Believe me, it takes some nerve to throw yourself into the ring. But stretching your comfort zone is necessary. Opportunity doesn't do home deliveries and Mr. Right or even Right Now won't be knocking on your door unless you let him know that you're ready for action and available again. Boot up your computer and get connected! In more than one sense. Be open! Anything could happen! I'll help you along to navigate this fast track to coupledom.

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