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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Which dating site really works?

Everybody contemplating to go on a website that promises to find him/her that loving partner we are all looking for will automatically ask this question. How do I know which online service works? What distinguishes one site from another? Why do some charge money and others don’t? What am I getting for my money? Which site is right for me?
The number of websites and obvious possibilities are endless. Even if you narrow them down to age specific, area specific or hobby related criteria. You are spoiled for choice-as they say in Ireland. The vast choice can be more of a curse than a blessing. Certain names stick out and have well-known market players because they heavily advertise for money- your membership money. To test them all or even a few handful of them is an overpowering task even for the most intrepid dater.
A UK based review team has released their findings. The team consists of so-called experts like single daters, matchmakers and relationship experts. Having collected information from the biggest players in the field, sites such as eHarmony, and match affinity, the reviewers offer an inside look into how these sites work to give consumers an informed choice. Not only does it give a detailed breakdown into how these sites work , their prices and services, but also where they deliver and what to expect from them.
The recent review makes for a better understanding of dating sites and the use of time and money of cyber daters. While they announce the best UK site, daters are waiting for an equivalent this site of the Atlantic.
To see the full report:

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