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Monday, June 14, 2010

Maximazie your chances during lunch hour

Ever thought about speed dating? If you are a busy professional for whom time is money, it makes total sense. It’s a relatively new version of maximizing your opportunities in the shortest of time. Speed dating is usually hosted by a moderator who times how long potential candidates spend with each other: 3-7 minutes as a rule. This way you can interview and check out about 10 people in your lunch hour. Are you someone who goes by first impressions? Do you believe in love at first sight? Can you really tell a book by its cover? Then it may be for you. Most speed dating sessions I witnessed were frustrating if people- in the majority the men- did just that. Go by the looks is tempting but we all know that it takes more to attract someone. While the ambiance should be relaxed in a speed dating set-up, conversations can be rather strained and one’s behavior nervous and stiff if you know that you only have 5 minutes to make an impression. What questions would you put on your list to ask the other person? It’s a good idea to go prepared and have some questions ready for your interviewee. If you are interested in his background or prior relationship appearance, jot that down so that you don’t forget in the heat of the moment. Keep it light-hearted beyond astrological clichés, but avoid a job like Q & A system. Appearance and body language speak volumes and are of special interest to women.
The idea behind speed dating, however, is to meet as many people as possible any given time. It could take otherwise a week or longer to round up the potential that is in the same room with you now during the speed dating circuit. Skimming through online profiles and advertisements takes time. Then trying to find free time slots during the week with somebody can be a challenge too. Here you can pick and choose from those who are not only in the same room but have already been introduced to you this way- and then follow up later. Ask for his/her phone number or whether they would continue your conversation over a coffee later, tomorrow.

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