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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Gimme more, Guy!

“No expenses spared for you, my princess.”

“I feel like the princess who’s slept for so many years and is now just waking up in a new dimension.”

“Sleeping Beauty no more! I think it’s about time you got your present,” Guy said.

“What? Another surprise?” And he got out a pink Rampant Rabbit, a vibrator I had once seen on Sex and the City.

“I am glad it’s dark in the room so that you don’t see me blush.”

Guy lit a few candles which he took from his bag while I made myself comfortable on the bed, and then he started to work on me.  Between his lips, his cock and the vibrator, I was in heaven.

The soccer World Cup had started a week before.  We kept our own score: Germany: 2, England: 1. This man wanted to make me come and watch me as much as possible.  He didn’t necessarily want to score himself."

“I want to give you pleasure.” That again was a new experience for me, but I made it my ambition to make him climax, too.

“No, don’t make me come, please.  Afterwards I am shattered for a day and need to recover.  I prefer to keep giving you pleasure.” And he knew how to do that.......

We managed another randy tryst in the same hotel in Runnymede when I was on my way to Germany one more time.  I had packed in an extra trip to import wine personally in my own van − thus saving expenses − and also as an excuse to meet up again.

The Runnymede had an indoor swimming pool, spa and sauna.  With the weather outside being nasty we used it a lot and made it another playground.  Have you ever had a man dive down in the Jacuzzi and eat you under water? The excitement seems to lie between drowning and being caught.  And between my legs, as Guy pointed out.  Or have you ever given a blowjob in the sauna on the hot boards, the man sitting on the higher shelf? Your bodies steam up in no time, and it is literally too hot to touch, dangerous, too if the door is made out of glass.  On one occasion, the door opened and a young couple stopped in their track, startled, and ultimately chose not to come in, but went to the steam room instead.  When we turned up in the steam room a little later, they quickly left again.  We were lucky they didn’t report us. To be ctd.

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