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Thursday, June 19, 2014

After some nice new reviews, I'd like to give you more of a taste of my book. It is really quite racy-- so be warned! or is that what you're here for?

Guy – A Bolt from the Blue

After the experience of the prior night, I couldn’t help but marvel about life’s mysterious ways.  My unexpected encounter with an exceptionally nice and funny Englishman let me see the world through new rose-colored glasses.  Maybe there was hope after all, even for us recycled romance seekers.  Having lived a sheltered, unexciting married life (and an equally dull sexual one thereafter!) I had the privilege, at long last, of experiencing spice in the sexual department.  My goodness, what a difference a day makes – not even 24 hours! After almost thirty years of coupling, it took a total stranger to introduce me to new pleasures and excitement.  Physically exhausted, I was still glowing with memories and the liquid sensation of a newly found fire and arousal.  Change was in the air, or maybe it was just Mercury in retrograde? No, it was Guy.
I met him two days after the homeowners’ meeting at Shay’s neighbors in apartment 601.......

We found a table and ordered a big pitcher of Sangria.  I managed to sit between the two guys, Lou and Guy, and tried to flirt with both of them.  Lou was better looking, but remained reserved, whereas Guy, 6’4’’, almost bald on top but with lots of hair elsewhere – I could tell from his hairy legs and tufts peeping out from his T-shirt – warmed up to me and was more responsive.  Boy, I do like a woolly jumper! As it turned out, Guy was much more fun.....
"Let's dance!"

When a slow song came on, he held me at a respectable distance, but let his hands slide under my top from behind and caressed my back.  That sure felt nice! Then all of a sudden, he gave up the embrace, moved a few steps away and watched me dancing from a distance.  I enjoy dancing even more when somebody appreciates me.  Back at the table, I saw Liz let her hand slide into Greg’s shorts.  My heart almost stopped.  Now that was some brazen behavior in front of a crowd if I’ve ever seen it!......

Guy waited in the car.  I came back with an oversized cone of different flavors of my taste and offered to share it with him.  Licking around it from both sides, our tongues met; when we finished the cone, we continued kissing.  I then wiped both our mouths with the back of my hand.  Not even the funny little goatee he was sporting could keep me from kissing him.  It had actually grown on me throughout the evening because it looked so unusual and did enhance his looks....

“There are some days in your life that stick out from the rest,” he said.  “This will be one of them for me.” Unfortunately, he was to leave for London early in the morning.  “What a shame we didn’t meet earlier, like on Thursday when we both arrived,” he continued with a sigh.
“Well, the day is far from over,” I said, “and the night is long!”..........
After the meal, we didn’t want the evening to end, so we went on to Morgan’s Pub.  Lou and Greg were engrossed in conversation.  Maybe they were too discreet to watch Guy’s subtle advances.  He had been caressing my back again, when, out of the blue, he bent down, kissed and licked my midriff, bare under the crocheted vest.  This guy had some cheek! I was embarrassed since it was right in front of his friends and bar keeper.  They chose not to notice.  So I started to enjoy it and reveled in his attention.  Guy and I decided to leave together.
Heading home, we crossed the old plaza of Mojacar Pueblo to take in the stunning view over the valley below.  The stars were out in full force, adding romance to an already sizzling situation.  Guy took me in his arms; we leaned against the railing, breathing in this precious moment.  What followed was another lingering kiss that made all my nerves tingle.  After a few minutes of a passionate embrace, Guy whispered in my ear, “We’d better move on, there are two Guardia Civil watching us.” Not that the Spanish police were the strict moral watchdogs they had been under Franco.  Nevertheless, it was enough to make us seek refuge in my apartment.  What followed was a lovemaking marathon until about five in the morning.
We started out in the kitchen where I opened a bottle of white wine, leaning against the kitchen counter.  Guy kissed my neck, my favorite erotic zone.  How did he find that out so quickly? He let a few drops of wine drip into my T-shirt, and then lifted it to lick up the wine that had trickled down my bra.  Then, to my surprise, he unbuttoned my jeans and let a drop or two run into my belly button, mopping it up with his tongue.  The next trickled into my pants.  Guy lifted me onto the counter, started to take off my jeans so that I could embrace him better with my legs.
“I want to lick you all over,” he whispered.  I had no objections.
Read the rest in Next Time Lucky!


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