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Saturday, April 28, 2012

50+ also Going Solo

There seems to be a trend. After I reported last week that the majority of 20-30 somethings in big Canadian and American cities choose to remain going solo, NBC news had a similar piece of news on last night. Now it's the over 50s who go for a divorce and choose to return to the path of singledom. The overall number of divorces has remained about the same, but the number of 50+ divorcees has doubled.
Possible reasons? Having had the experiences of a marriage, having raised children together, people are now more confident and comfortable to go it alone instead of holding out with a partner that they can barely stand anymore. Consider this: a lifetime of marriage in the last centuries meant 20 years max. With humans getting much older now, this stretch of the future can look verrrry long and unsurmountable if the love is gone.In addition, the baby boomer generation is probably financially more comfortable than any other generation before them.And let's not forget the commercial: Because you're worth it. The news report introduced some new singles who had not split up because they had been cheated upon--thought that may often be a contributing factor as well. They juts wanted a fresh start in life, fulfill a long-held dream, move somewhere else or turn a hobby into a business.Hardly any retiree is ready for the armchair but wants to leave this life exhausted--as another commercial currently goes.
PS. There may also be some new clients for dating agencies...:)