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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Salacious Read

The last review I got for my book was a bit different. Bella Luna, while she liked the book, admitted like feeling like a voyeur at times. She called a romp from bedroom to bedroom. Far from it.There are 2 explicit bed scenes but my heroine is in search of her soul mate and looking for real love, eventually after so many years wasted in a loveless marriages.And without losing herself in the next relationship or leaving her personality at the door of it. Then again she calls herself "maybe a bit prudish". Astonishing for a psychologist and mother of 4.Overall an entertaining book she admits with hilarious episodes: Sex in the country instead of the city. Male readers may also learn some important lessons about creating a more honest profile on dating sites, although I am a bit concerned that Cherie's lovemaking standards might intimidate some of them. Woe to any shy creatures who dare to tread these pages! If that didn't spark your curiosity!
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