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Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreaded Valentine's Day

An excerpt from my book:
"Wherever you go something will remind you that this important day is to celebrate love. Shop displays with everything in red from cards to flowers, from teddy bears to underwear, from chocolates to jewelry, not to mention red balloons labeled, “For the one I love this Valentine.” What if you don’t have one?
Cards the size of paintings, “To the love of my life.” What if there was never any? Not even a current one? Or you lost it? Surely, I wasn’t the only one in the world who felt this way? So, do you leave a man who doesn’t give you Valentine’s cards or flowers for that matter?
I started to see couples everywhere. Why does everybody else around you seem to be falling in love when you are on your own? That everybody seems to have an invitation to a love fest except you? Here I was with no admirer; nobody loved me. ...The run up to Valentine’s had without fail been the most hectic period in the dating business, more so than Christmas. Whereas at Christmas most people still have a family to spend the holidays with, on Valentine’s, even family can make you lonely. Emotions are already running high, and the commercialism surrounding V-Day rubs singledom in like salt in a paper cut.
Everybody wanted a date for that day, or better still, be well fixed up the month before so that they could enjoy some closeness on the night out together." Get on your hindlegs if you're still looking for a date for V-Day!

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