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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Date in a Courtroom

In today's news: A Manhattan Lawyer is suing an top-notch International Dating Agency: they didn't deliver what he paid for. In contrast to online dating sites, if a middleman, i.e., matchmaker is involved, this person is supposed to come up with the goods - whatever has been on the customer's wish list! Online dating sites leave it in your own hands or rather finger tips; you are at the helm by clicking the mouse that will reel in your catch, you decide who to see and vice versa. It's also up to you to make it work when you meet a person.
If you outsource your social life to a dating service, however, you expect them to do the hard work and produce suitable partners. After all you paid them money for it, didn't you? In this case a comely sum of $10,000. In the end, it's still up to the involved parties to make it work. It would be foolish to think otherwise. I'd love to see my colleague's customer contract and the exact wording of what the agency promises. 3 dates a month? That sounds doable with such a worthy prospect: male, 51, lawyer. Easy to dangle him in front of needy ladies. My agency was notoriously strapped for eligible men in that age group. The article fails to give away further details about this customer, though. How tall was he? What did he look like? How many times was he married before? What idiosyncratic requirements did he put on his wish list in a partner? Besides, women have a clear picture in their heads too of the must-haves in a man.I'll try to follow this story. It could have been me...

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