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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Freedom to Date is Great!

What a slogan. If you trust the description of this new dating website they are the bees' knees:

Born from Cupid and infused by Aphrodite, signifies the start of an online dating revolution! We are a cutting edge website with the primary objective to help you find your perfect match the right way, with real people, through using innovative tools. We do NOT charge membership fees, we do NOT limit your access.

A smorgasboard of human delights at your fingertips. How can one resist to even have a look?


The said...

I am one of the partners of, and I thank you for your kind comments.

We are very excited about our website and honestly feel we're doing the public a good service by building a free based website that is managed properly, designed professionally, and has the features and usability of pay websites.

Our world is founded upon interaction. Without it, we have nothing. We believe paying to date is an oxymoron. That is our motivation.

Thank you once again, and we invite any thoughts or feedback you may have for us.

Our pursuit of building the new home for 100% free premium online dating is in essence done by fellow online dating people. We ask real users what they would like, spend months building based on their feedback, then offer it to them for free.

At the end of the day, while I may be a partner in the development of people like you own it :)

Once again, thank you. We appreciate you.

Your new friends at:

Cherie said...

Looks like i gave you some unintended publicity here. Thanks for comment anyway.